Global Medical Insurance

Global Medical Insurance

Now Health International makes it fast and simple for you to get the right health cover, whether you want a basic health care plan or full coverage with all the bells and whistles.


How does it work?


International health insurance plans provide protection for you and your family, even when you’re living away from your home country. They are designed especially for expatriates and other long-term foreign residents. As such, they can be considered as truly global health insurance policies, as opposed to regular insurance plans that only work in one country.  Now Health International’s global medical plans are effective in 194 countries and territories. This means you and your family can have access to quality healthcare almost anywhere in the world.


How is it different from travel insurance?


An international plan is focused on medical cover associated with the living conditions of expatriates and other foreign residents living in their host country for 12 months or more. Travel insurance, on the other hand, focuses on short-term coverage for transient travelers. Because they are intended for different sets of people, they tend to cover different contingencies. They cover in-patient and outpatient check-ups and treatments, among other things, while travel insurance tends to focus on short-term travel contingencies, such as booking cancellations, the loss of personal items, and emergency medical care.


There’s often some confusion between the two as some travel medical insurance plans offer some limited medical coverage, including medical evacuation in some cases. However, they generally will not cover dental work or the treatment of chronic medical conditions. Travel insurance also does not cover maternity care or conditions related to the policyholder’s age and other preexisting medical conditions. International health insurance, on the other hand, can cover both those situations and more, giving you peace of mind. If you’re planning on staying overseas for extended periods of time for work, higher education, or retirement, this is always the better choice.


How much does an international health insurance plan cost?


Now Health International provides basic plans that cost as little as USD 29 per month, covering in-patient and day-patient care, accepted in 194 countries and territories. The cost of a plan can change depending on the desired coverage, types of customization such as deductibles, as well as a number of other factors related to the members’ health, and other circumstances unique to the destination country. In any case, the cost of any kind of health insurance is always cheaper than what you can expect to pay for medical expenses, healthcare, and related services should you meet an accident or fall ill overseas.


How can I save on premiums?


Lower premiums can be had by reducing your coverage to the types of situations you can expect to encounter. Individuals and families, for instance, have a different set of requirements. Families may need to invest in maternal and dental care coverage, while individuals may only need in-patient or day-patient care. By keeping your coverage in line with what you need, you can drastically reduce your monthly premiums.


Living a healthier lifestyle can also bring down your insurance premiums by allowing you to be evaluated as less of a risk. Eating right and exercising at home and abroad can also deliver other benefits, such as improving your quality of life and work productivity. Should you find yourself needing to make a claim on your policy, you can also further reduce your premium by paying a larger deductible. A deductible is an initial amount that you must pay out of pocket before your policy can take effect.


Lastly, paying your premiums on time can help you avoid penalties and other fees, allowing you to keep your costs to their minimum.


What does it cover?


Coverage depends on the policy and level of customization you choose. Now Health International’s WorldCare Essential plan includes in-patient and day-patient care, which is just right for single expatriates. Those who desire even more coverage or plan to raise a family overseas can opt for the WorldCare Apex plan which includes maternity care, complex and continuing dental care, as well as out-patient care. Please contact us to learn more about your options.


What factors will affect my plan's premiums?


Every insurance plan is assessed according to circumstances and factors unique to the policyholder. Some of these factors are the following:


Coverage and customization


Higher coverage levels and more customization often means mean higher monthly premiums. The converse is also true, and having reduced coverage can bring down the cost of your premium.


Destination country


Each country and territory has unique risks and health care issues associated with it, and your insurer may increase or decrease your premiums depending on the countries you plan to stay in.


Pre-existing conditions


Your medical history, as well as your current lifestyle and habits, may be taken into account when calculating your premiums.




With very few exceptions, we tend to encounter more health issues as we grow older. This means an adult in their 50s may be assessed differently from one who is fresh out of their teens. 


Do I need one?


It all depends on your destination. Many countries do not require any form of insurance. However, some key expat destinations, such as the Schengen Area, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar require all visitors to have some form of insurance before they issue a visa.  Other countries may also require you to purchase insurance locally or buy insurance from their government. Make sure to do some research to learn more about the medical insurance requirements of your desired destination. For more information, please contact us. 



Why Choose Now Health International

Exceptional service

We understand what matters to you and we make sure you only get the best global medical insurance.

Quick and hassle-free claims process

Submit your claims online or via our mobile app.

Simple and transparent

We make it easy for you to find information, access a medical provider, and make a claim.

24/7 multilingual customer care and support

We have in-house service teams located around the world, ready to help whenever you need it.

Extensive network

As a truly global health insurance company, we provide you access to a network of over 1 million medical facilities and physicians worldwide.

Highly Specialized

Now Health is a specialist international health insurance provider focused on worldwide cover. Because we do one thing, our staff are experts in local markets and global health cover.
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