Health and Medical Insurance for Construction and Engineering Workers

Health and Medical Insurance for Construction and Engineering

The construction and engineering sectors are well known for their international workforces, attracting talent from far and wide to work on major global infrastructure projects around the world. With growing demand for new developments in the emerging markets, many construction businesses are increasingly sending their employees to far flung parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

However in a highly competitive industry, construction and engineering firms need to offer their globally mobile workforce adequate protections and attractive employee benefits. An international health insurance plan can help you to provide this and retain highly skilled talent, by guaranteeing your employees they can access the best medical care, wherever they are in the world.

Whether you’re a boutique engineering consultancy looking to relocate a small number of employees overseas to work on a long-term project, or a global construction firm that has senior executives travelling worldwide on a regular basis, we can tailor our international health insurance plans to suit your business need.

Why Should Construction and Engineering Firms offer International Private Health Cover to Employees?

Many employees look for the opportunity to work overseas, but it can also come with its challenges and frustrations, particularly when it comes to accessing healthcare abroad. Our international health insurance plans reassure your employees they will be able to access world class, private healthcare regardless of their location. Having access to good quality medical care also helps keep your employees healthy, limiting any business disruption or project delays should one of your employees fall ill.   

In a highly competitive industry, a quality international health insurance plan can also help you to attract and retain talent, particularly amongst your senior management or expatriate workforce. Even if your business already offers private health cover to your employees, an international health plan can supplement your existing cover and help you to entice some of the industry’s top talent. All in all, offering private health cover is a win-win both for you and your employees.

What International Health Insurance Cover Do We Offer Construction and Engineering FIrms?

Now Health International can provide a range of private international health insurance plans to fit the healthcare needs of your business.

At our most basic level of cover, you can choose a more cost-conscious plan that will cover your employees’ costs for major medical events, including surgery and emergency medical evacuation. For a more comprehensive package you can select a plan which also includes covers for out-patient treatment, dental and maternity care.

We also offer a range of additional options, including health and wellness check-ups to help your employees maintain their health. Our flagship WorldCare plans also come with a range of complimentary services, including travel assistance, access to a second medical opinion, and a global concierge service.

Whatever your firm’s budget, we have a range of plans to suit your needs. 

Why Choose Now Health International for Private Health Cover?

We are specialists in international health insurance and have considerable experience supporting clients in the construction and engineering sectors - which means we know what we're doing!

We aim to provide your business with more than just a health insurance plan, but a true health partner for your company's international health insurance needs. 

We leverage our global scale with our local expertise to ensure we provide some of the most comprehensive, innovative products in the marketplace, with exceptional customer service and state of the art digital tools. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business. 

Linh's story

“I am so grateful to the Now Health Team for everything they did for me and my family. My rare condition was completely unexpected and it was distressing to discover this while I was pregnant. However from the initial diagnosis all the way through to my kidney transplant, the team were nothing but supportive and ensured I could access the best care when I needed it most. Having the reassurance that my mother’s transplant donor costs would be covered was also a real relief. Thank you Now Health!”

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