2021 Product Review - Enhanced plan benefits

24 Mar 2021

As part of our 10th-anniversary celebrations, we at Now Health International are pleased to announce a wealth of new and enhanced benefits for all our members.

Key new features and enhancements to our products include:

  • We are offering a 15% discount to the families of five or more members.
  • We are adding Renal Failure and Dialysis Treatment for all our members.  
  • We are ensuring enhanced accessibility to healthcare via telemedicine for our members with outpatient benefits.
  • We are expanding the range of mental healthcare benefits available to our members.
  • Enhanced wellness benefits, enabling our members to access the latest advancements in medical testing and treatments.
  • We are offering our WolrdCare Apex Plan members 24/7 access to professional support, including counselling, advice and family support.

All plan benefits and enhancements will be available from 1 April 2021 for newly joining members and added to existing members' plans on the same date.

We're proud to deliver these new features and enhancements while making only minimal increases to our members' premiums.

Michel Faucher, our Chief Commercial Officer, said: "On its 10th anniversary, Now Health International re-affirm its commitment to assisting our members with the industry-leading services. This year, we are adding exciting new features to our products to support our members and their families' overall well-being while adding vital new plan enhancements. We wish to remain at the forefront of the international health insurance market as we continue to evolve and innovate our offer to the benefit of our members"