Singapore staff give back to stroke survivors

28 Mar 2018

Members of staff from Now Health International’s Singapore office volunteered at the Stroke Support Station (S3) this week as part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission to create a healthy world, for healthy lives.

As a leading international health insurance provider, health is our business, so our CSR programme focuses on ways we can make a meaningful contribution to the key health concerns of the countries in which we operate. 

Stroke is one of the leading causes of long term disability in Singapore so the Stroke Support Station (S3) was a natural partner for us. The charity works with volunteers, medical professionals and therapists to support stroke survivors and caregivers on their road to recovery.

On Monday 26 March 2018, members of staff from our Singapore office volunteered for half a day, helping to facilitate S3’s innovative wellness programmes which focus on rebuilding confidence and independence amongst stroke survivors.

As well as learning about the health impacts of stroke, the team undertook a number of activities and games with the participants, including bowling using a hockey stick and a memory card game which are designed to improve mobility, motor skills and cognitive function in stroke patients.  

Wenli Tay, Business Development Manager for Singapore said, ‘Working in the health insurance industry I thought I had a good understanding of strokes and their treatment, as it is a condition that many of our members face. However it was very humbling to spend time with the stroke patients at S3 and learn about the importance of ongoing after-care, not only for medical reasons but for their wider well-being’.

Rob McIntyre, General Manager for Asia Pacific commented, ‘The team wanted to engage in a volunteer activity that was meaningful and would contribute to an important local health issue. S3’s volunteer programme absolutely fitted the bill – in the end the patients energy, determination and positive attitudes had a far greater impact on us then we could possibly hope to have had on them. Thanks to S3 and their patients for giving us this opportunity. We hope to be back soon!’. 

Find out more about the Stroke Support Station (S3) here